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Louisiana Provider #LAP0105

NCBTMB Provider 154019-00
Accepted by the AMTA, Accepted by ABMP

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NEW-->Protecting Your Skin: A Guide for the Healthcare Professional
NCBTMB Provider #154019-00, CE Broker #20-673131, LA #LAP0105, LCEU0002476
2 CE Hour
Patient Health Communication for the Healthcare Professional 2nd Edition Revised
CE Broker #20-387477; LA #LAP0105, LCEU0002367
3 CE Hours
Occupational Skin Exposures and Effects What Healthcare Professionals Need to Know
CE Broker #20-332639; LA #LAP0105, LCEU0002368
4 CE Hours
Infection Control For The Massage Therapist
CE Broker #20-135583; LA #LAP0105, LCEU0002373
4 CE Hours
Fibromyalgia. What Health Care Professionals Need To Know
CE Broker #20-135586; LA #LAP0105, LCEU0002374
4 CE Hours
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. A Comprehensive Guide For The Massage Therapist
CE Broker #20-6748; LA #LAP0105, LCEU0002376
4 CE Hours
Repetitive Motion Disorders What Healthcare Professionals Need To Know
CE Broker #20-321105; LA #LAP0105, LCEU0002371
6 CE Hours
The Pathology of TMJ Disorder for the Health Care Professional
CE Broker #20-389040; LA #LAP0105, LCEU0002370
6 CE Hours
Research On OSHA Compliance for the Health Care Professional 2nd Ed. Revised
CE Broker #20-386171; LA #LAP0105, LCEU0002372
6 CE Hours
Professional Ethics For The Massage Therapist And Bodyworker - 5th Edition
(6 HOUR COURSE - INCLUDES 2 HOURS STANDARD V) CE Broker #20-296056; LA #LAP0105, LCEU0002375
6 CE Hours
The Massage Therapist's Guide To Sports Massage
CE Broker #20-6743; LA# LAP0105, LCEU0002369
12 CE Hours
All courses are accepted by:
Louisiana Board of Massage Provider #LAP0105
NCBTMB Approved Provider #154019-00
Accepted by the AMTA
Accepted by ABMP


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