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The Institute for Advanced Therapeutics, Inc.
Nationally Approved PACE Program
Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit
Approval does not imply acceptance by
any regulatory authority or AGD endorsement.
4/1/2019 to 3/30/2023
Provider ID #321355.


California Dental Provider #RP4301

Florida Dental CE Provider #50-1997

New Mexico Dental Specials Offers:
6hrs: Repetitive Motions Disorders
6hrs: Pathology of TMJ Disorder

2hrs: HIV/AIDs
3hrs: Chemical Dependency
6hrs: OSHA Compliance 2nd Ed.

6hrs: OSHA Compliance 2nd Edition
3hrs: MRSA Infection
3hrs: Patient Health Communication 2nd Edition

4hrs: Bloodborne Pathogens
4hrs: HIV/AIDS 3rd Edition
4hrs: Occupational Skin Exposures and Effects

27CE Hrs Opt 1
6hrs: infection Control
6hrs: OSHA Compliance 2nd Edition
6hrs: Pathology of TMJ Disorder
3hrs: Medical Emergencies
3hrs: Tobacco Use
3hrs: Chemical Dependency

27CE Hrs Opt 2
6hrs: Infection Control
4hrs: Substance Abuse
4hrs: Research on HIV/Aids 3rd Edition
4hrs: Bloodborne Pathogens
3hrs: Patient Health Communications 2nd Edition
3hrs: Ethics
3hrs: MRSA Infection

27CE Hrs Opt 3
6 hrs: Infection Control
6 hrs: Pathology of TMJ Disorder
6 hrs: Research on Hepatitis 2nd Edition
6 hrs: Repetitive Motion Disorders
3 hrs: Chemical Dependency


Very Important: It is the responsibility of the licensee to determine if a course meets all of the content requirements or restrictions with your licensing board.


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